Stephanie Price
Stephanie left a permanent writing post with Pioneer Press community newspapers in 1995 when she had her first son. From that time on, she has freelanced for various Chicagoland publications including the Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune. She's dabbled a bit in local magazine writing and marketing projects for area businesses. One constant: She's always worked in the Northwest Suburbs...it's where she grew up, it's her home and where she loves to be.
When she's not writing, she's busy tending to her three sons - a high schooler and two middle-school students.  She's a hockey mom, but no pit bull, and spends one-quarter of the winter at one ice rink or another. It's pretty cool….literally! A proud Huskie alumna, she graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1986, with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She worked in print and radio advertising sales for six years prior to switching over to the "write" side.
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