Huntley Students Get Tablet Computers

District 158 starting 1:1 Learning program at Martin this year, where students will use tablets instead of textbooks for some subjects

The students in Huntley District 158 are going high-tech.

You may have seen or heard some of the kids at the bus stop, or at after-school activities, talking about their new tablets or even playing with them.

This week, the district rolled out its 1:1 Learning Tablet Program at Hannah Martin Elementary School. As part of the program, the students at the Reed Road campus' Hannah Martin - which is made up of third, fourth and fifth graders, got their own Kuno Tablet computer.

The district purchased the tablets rather than textbooks for the school, and is loaning them to students for the entire year as part of its expanding all-digital reading program.

The district is starting the program at Martin, and plans to expand the tablet program to its other elementary schools in the coming years.

The students work with the tablets in school, and then they take them home every night. They will have assignments from their teachers on their tablets, books to read and more.

Before the kids could take them home, parents had to go to an orientation session at Martin, too.

Wondering how this all will work? Martin officials answer questions, including what to do if a student loses or damages a tablet, here:

RMG September 01, 2012 at 04:30 PM
My Granddaughter was SO excited to get her notebook. These kids are a product of the times and technology, they are very used to gadgets, cell phone's, hand held games, computers etc...So its no wonder they are happy about this. Anything to get these kids excited about learning is a good thing!


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