UPDATED: Greable's Absence Causes Cancellation of Winnetka Political Forum

The League of Women Voters' Winnetka Village President candidate forum between Chris Rintz and Gene Greable has been cancelled because Greable has declined to participate.

Updated 12 p.m.: 

Gene Greable explained Wednesday why he does not intend to participate in the League of Women Voters candidate forum.

"My qualifications to serve as President and my long and active record of leadership are very well known," Greable said. "My resume speaks for itself. The Winnetka Caucus Council interviewed us both at length and then selected me."

Greable noted that any debate should have happened at the Town Meeting when Greable's nomination was ratified. Greable stated that there was no opposition from Rintz or his supporters who "could and should have appeared to challenge my nomination and qualifications in the proper forum."

"He did not do so, when he could have debated this specific issue with me at the critical time and in the most appropriate place, when 600 of his fellow Winnetkans were present and would have given him and his supporters a full and fair hearing,' Graebel said. "Accordingly, I declined the LWV invitation."

Original Story

The League of Women Voters has cancelled its Winnetka Village President candidate forum because one of the candidates, Caucus-slated candidate Gene Greable, has declined to participate. 

"He did not [offer a reason why]" said Gwen Trindl, Voter Service Chairman for the League.. "And I did take the liberty of asking him twice at which time he continued to decline." 

Nancy Marcus, the co-leader of the League of Women Voters, said that the event is now cancelled because, according to the organization's policy, the organization cannot host a forum with only one candidate, in order to maintain a non-partisan position. 

"We don't make endorsements and we don't support candidates," she said. "The only thing we can do is tell you to vote. Voting is very important — we don't care who you vote for, as long as you vote."

Independent candidate Chris Rintz, the only other candidate in the race for Village President, was willing to participate in the forum. He said he was disappointed that it wasn't going to happen. 

"I just think that the village could have benefited from it," Rintz said. "It was such a surprise to me. I've known Gene for many years and I haven't been able to sort out what the thought process was. Whatever it is, I'm sure he has a good reason." 

Rintz noted that, although the League of Women Voters' forum is off, he hopes to have another opportunity for the two candidates for discuss their views for the Village. 

"We're just disappointed that they didn't do this," Marcus said. "We thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for the community to hear about both candidates in one forum on the issues. ... It would have been an interesting afternoon." 

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Danni February 20, 2013 at 06:44 PM
Chris Rintz you say, "I'm sure he has a good reason." Exposure exposure exposure, a good reason to avoid negative exposure. After all, why should a candidate address constituents? Constituents have no rights or interests. You see, communists do not expose themselves to their slaves, either.
nsmom February 20, 2013 at 07:46 PM
Wow. Greable must have seen how bad this looks and decided to release a misleading statement. Chris Rintz did not challenge him at the Caucus meeting, so the voters there had no opportunity to choose an alternative to Greable. A League debate is moderated in an unbiased way by members who live outside the community, so it's a fair environment, which can't always be said of the Caucus. If Greable were really interested in a full, fair hearing of the candidates and issues, he'd agree to a League debate - a forum in which nearly all local, state, and federal candidates commonly participate.
Veep February 20, 2013 at 08:35 PM
No one's resume "speaks" for them! Only someone feeling threatened hides behind an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. (Maybe Gene's is legal sized by now....he's been around a lotta years). But the confident, trustworthy, quick-on-their feet candidate should SPEAK for themselves in an open debate. What "specific issue" is he referring to in this quote? And why didn't get back to the reporter like 7 hours ago when it was posted? Waking up and the crack of noon? Good thing Town Hall meetings are in the evening.
Sandy Lynn February 20, 2013 at 08:53 PM
I know nothing about him. I don't know why he imagines he's so well known. Even the presidential candidates are not beneath candidate forums, and I daresay they are a bit more well known. I was inclined to trust the Caucus and support the Caucus platform, but this merits further investigation.
3 lax boys February 21, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Sounds like the "Gener" is being a spoil-sport weiner! I know who he is, but nothing about his take on big village issues. Want to know more about both candidates, but want to see how they are live and in person.


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