Resale Shop a Go in Downtown Huntley

Business owner receives village board’s approval despite some concerns raised by one trustee about parking in the downtown.


A new business _ a resale shop specializing in furniture _ is moving into downtown Huntley but the lack of parking was a sticking point for one trustee who voted against the plan.

Business owner Darla Jones recently requested a special use permit for a second hand shop in the 2,200 square foot storefront on Woodstock St., adjacent to the post office. The Huntley post office occupied the space until 2008 when it moved some of its facilities to a new location.  

Vintage Resale will offer furniture, home accessories and items purchased from storage. It will not accept donations. The store will make the shop handicap assessable, adding unitsa ramp and a bathroom.

Huntley’s Planning Commission approved the special use permit but the village board needs to approve it as well. While a public hearing on the permit drew no comments, the plan did draw comments from trustees when it was presented last month.

“I am very, very concerned about this. I love a resale shop but the location is the problem,” Trustee Pam Fender said at the committee of the whole meeting Sept. 20. “There is no parking whatsoever. We have fistfights out there everyday. It’s a nightmare because of the post office next door.”

“This location is possibility the worst location in town,” Fender said. “I see people screaming in the streets. There are already short tempers on that street.”

The building was erected in 1946, predating any zoning ordinances requiring parking lots or stalls on the site, Director of Development Services Charles Nordman said. Employees and customers will have find on street parking, which is limited, or park in municipal lots.

“I did take the parking into consideration and for loading or unloading there is a dock there,” Jones told the board. “I know the parking is a problem for employees but they will have to park in a public lot. If I can do it, they can do it.”

“For customers, it’s not a busy resale shop, I don’t see that many people (coming in) at one time,” Jones said.

Fender, however, felt the location is not a good idea for the village.

“I don’t think anyone will argue with you (about the lack of parking), but I would like to think they took it into consideration and they are giving it a go,” Mayor Charles Sass said.

“I think you are going a bit extreme,” Sass said of Fender’s comments. “It’s free enterprise, the way I look at it.”

“If the lady is fully aware of the situation and wants to give it a go, more power to you,” Trustee Harry Leopold said.

The village board approved the request at its Sept. 27 meeting by a 4-1 with Fender voting no.

Mark Wingate October 04, 2012 at 02:55 PM
A new business wants to take the risk and open in down town Huntley, and a trustee votes against it. I thought the city council wanted to revitalize the down town district. Let's all remember who made that vote at election time.
couponlady October 04, 2012 at 05:19 PM
we need bigger business in town that are going to stay and draw people there not some small shop that will be open a few months. Parking is an issue there. This needs to be addressed at some point if they want people to come there. The post office is an issue not just because of the parking, at certain times of the day the line is outrageous. In the evening Parkside and the VFW draw big crowds. Time for a Board change!
Dottie Frantsvog October 04, 2012 at 06:31 PM
I think this is a great idea and will be a suge success. People will just deal with the parking issues if it is a good store to shop at. Look at DairyMart in the summer CHAOS! I have almost been hit in the parking lot several times because it is so busy and no parking. Does not errase the fact that its a goldmine and people will go out of there way and deal with the parking issues instead of going to D.Q. The post office has issues because they are so SLOW in there and people dont have their letters etc ready until they get up there so huge lines form. I shop on Craigs all the time. You have to move fast why?, because its sold if you dont. We have bought many , almost brand new high quality pieces of furniture without the high prices. The downfall is spending the gas to go pick up the stuff from the 4 corners of the earth LOL. I have also refinished a lot of stuff because older is made better (real wood not press board) todays furniture like from value city is JUNK. Many resale places have only clothes, a furniture place I think you are going to see will be welcomed by the residents.
anthony October 04, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Change is inevitable. The business may benefit form the USPS traffic. I get good service everytime I go to the Post Office. I go a lot. Be thankful for what we have. Postal Employees are very helpful and patient. Many customers need extra help and they get it.
couponlady October 05, 2012 at 10:11 PM
Not complaining about the postal employees, their facility is too small and outdated. They do the best with what they have.


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