Lauzen Called Out for Cronyism He Decried in Race for Kane County Chairmanship

A Kane County committee is looking into the hiring practices after Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen hired political ally Robert Sauceda, according to reports in the Kane County Chronicle and Daily Herald.

Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen came under some fire this week after he hired political ally Robert Sauceda as a billing manager for the Kane County Animal Control Department, according to multiple media reports.

Articles in the Daily Herald and the Kane County Chronicle said Lauzen initialy had nominated Sauceda as the new director of the Animal Control Department, but the Kane County Board rejected the nomination in closed session.

A week later, Lauzen hired Sauceda as a temporary employee in charge of collecting debts owed the department.

Sauceda ran alongside Lauzen in the "Reform Kane" ticket of the 2012 primary, the Daily Herald said. Sauceda had run for a County Board seat in the South Elgin 16th District.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the county is now re-examining its hiring freeze policy, which some board members say was violated when Lauzen went ahead with the Sauceda hire.

Kane County Health Department Executive Director Barb Jeffers told the Daily Herald she created the billing manager position at Lauzen's request and said the position was not advertised.

Lauzen said County Board members had suggested hiring a billing manager in the closed-door meeting in January, when Lauzen had suggested Sauceda for the Animal Control director position.

In a Kane County Chronicle letter to the editor, Lauzen said he felt Sauceda would prove himself worthy of hiring. 

"I hope that the more than 2,800 voters and their families who put up yard signs as 'political supporters' are not automatically disqualified from helping me now that we are putting in place needed management and ethics reforms," Lauzen wrote.

Bill Page February 26, 2013 at 07:50 PM
Ward you continue to prove what a pathetic loser you've become. Your references are6-10 years old; get a new hobby. My reference to you scoring the county gig is current, abnd the belief is you got it as a reward for your pandering to Lauzen. Your whiny little rants here are full of errors, but typical of your resesrch. Maybe if Brenda Schory had written something first you could have lifted it, just as it's said you did with the Paul Descoteaux obit. By the way, I'm proud to call Kevin Burns a friend. Despite your nasty little threats to him, he's a good and decent guy. Lauzen, on the other hand, wasted no time lining up jobs for his buddies. Check out who he asked Dave Rickert to hire! And what politicians have you advised? You're not referring to those creepy emails you sent to Frasz' opponent, are you? Yuck. They read like a Peeping Tom playbook. again, why do you post on Patch when you've trashed it? It's not like you're missed. Now run along, Jeffie, Lauzen needs his shoes shined.
Jeff Ward February 26, 2013 at 08:04 PM
It's because you amuse me so Bill! But I'd still say that 40 point loss is fairly current. And your kind of incompetence has no statute of limitations.
Steve Rogers February 27, 2013 at 01:09 AM
What? Is Jeff Ward now working for Kane County government in some capacity? I didn't know that.
Gwen February 27, 2013 at 03:19 AM
Sounds like Jeff finally realized journalism wasn't his thing (the rest of us knew if 2 years ago!) But if he took a job with the county, I can't say I blame him - it's almost impossible to be fired for incompetence once you're hired.
Kit Drake February 28, 2013 at 01:50 AM
I was one of those "political supporters" who put up a sign for Lauzen. I certainly will never do it again! Unfortunately he has already started with the cronyism he campaigned against. Ethics reform! What a disappointment he is. Another arrogant politician. The board rejects Sauceda and he just gives him a different title and puts him in anyway. Taxpayer money for Lauzen's friends. Who's next?


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