Hebron Township Man Announces He’s Running in District 63rd Race

Joe Rosner will be a write-in candidate in the Nov. 6 election


Hebron Township author and small business owner Joe Rosner announced his candidacy for the Illinois General Assembly 63rd District Representative as a write-in candidate.

Rosner, a political newcomer, small business owner, and humanitarian has lived in the 63rd District since 1993 and in rural Hebron Township for the last 12 years, according to a press release.

Rosner believes that we are all called to serve our state and country in different ways and at different times in our lives and is prepared to serve the citizens of the 63rd District and the State of Illinois.

He has a long commitment to public service. He has helped feed the homeless, fostered abused and abandoned dogs, has volunteered as a disaster worker, Vietnam-Era Army volunteer and children’s safety instructor. He has also been an altruistic kidney donor.

He looks forward to people sharing their ideas and concerns regarding the issues facing Illinois. Most notably, the mounting financial and ethics crisis that threatens to ruin our state as a place to raise a family or run a business.

“Jack Franks and his boss Michael Madigan are not the solution to our problems,” Rosner said. “They are the problem.”

If elected, Rosner has promised his first vote will be to end Madigan’s 30-year reign as Speaker of the House.

Acknowledging an up hill fight, Rosner points out that he would not be the first write-in candidate elected to the General Assembly and that 11 members of Congress have won by write-in, including current Senator Lisa Murkowski. He brushes off the cynical notion that “You get the government you deserve.”

“We deserve better and we can have it,” he said. “Fill in the oval. Write in my name and let Jack Franks and Michael Madigan know we’ve had enough.”

Find out more about Rosner, visit his website.


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