Fascinating Facts About the Illinois Route 47 Interchange Project

Illinois Tollway shares facts about the project.


Did you know the Illinois Route 47 Interchange Project is the Illinois Tollway’s first “green” interchange?

The project features several new green construction initiatives, including a geothermal water piping system that makes use of the Earth’s natural heat and cooling abilities, according to a Tollway release. The system will help heat and cool plaza buildings, which will also have reflective roofs and trellised vegetation for plaza buildings, the release stated.

It’s one of the interesting facts about the $69 million project that will change the face of Huntley.

Illinois Tollway officials will be in town next week to give residents an update on the project and answer any questions. Here are some more factoids about Interchange Project the Tollway provided:

  • It will be an all-electronic interchange.
  • The Tollway estimates 84 percent of drivers use I-PASS.
  • Nearly 12,000 retails, office and light industrial jobs will be added to the region by 2030, according to a study commissioned by the Village of Huntley.
  • Construction crews are using recycled materials and warm-mix asphalt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The ramp shoulder pavement designed to allow water to seep through and detention basins with filtration systems featured at the new interchange will not only reduce the amount of storm water runoff and lessen the chance of downstream flooding, but also filter out the sediments and pollutants typically discharged from roadway surface water runoff, the release stated.


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