Tea Party Ruined and Stolen Extensions

A look at weird crimes in our Patch region

Another blow to the tea party

Someone stole a silver coffee pot, tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, waste dish and large serving tray from a Northbrook home.

The order did say 12 onion bagels and assault

The owner of a Glenview business reported being battered by a delivery driver who was delivering goods to a business next door.

Thieves' sentences will include lengthy extensions

Five men were arrested and charged with retail theft after they allegedly stole hair weaves, hair grease and hair clips from an Evanston business.

Man frantically prepares 'it will be awesome on YouTube' defense

A Chicago man was charged with battery in Skokie after he kicked a coworker in the groin while the man was sleeping on a couch in order to wake him up. The victim was transported to Skokie Hospital to receive treatment.

All parties successfully avoid charges of maturity

A Lake Forest man told police he chased a teen after the teen and a friend jumped up and down on an inflatable Halloween decoration on the man’s front lawn. The teen reported being chased and tackled by the man, who is being charged with battery.

A large pumpkin was thrown against the side of a car parked in Arlington Heights, causing a large dent.

And this week's no headline needed entry

Niles police saw a car stopped on top of the railroad tracks and the driver standing outside the vehicle. When police asked him about the circumstances, he said, "I missed my turn," according to the report. When the officer asked him which direction he wanted to turn, he said, "straight." The man was charged with DUI.

Nightcrawler November 12, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Agreed. The whole piece is really good. Not your typical Patchwork.
lee November 12, 2012 at 03:24 PM
@ Brad. LOL: me 2! And I'm a tea partyer! [Not the illiterate, racist kind portrayed by the media....] The real criminals are Winetka bullies/limousine liberals/crony capitalists, the Crown Royals. For chuckles on their MIC tactics, see Chicago South [i.e. Aspen]. Google tea partyer takes on limousine liberals and elites threaten jail. The Crown Royals' labor policies have been criticized here in Chicago South, Aspen. Now, front page headlines are about robberies happening on the bike path near Aspen? Crime in Aspen, like Winnetka, has rarely been an issue. The Crowns have made alot' a big $ on das weapons. Bully 4 them, war profiteers. Running the largest employer in the valley, Aspen Skiing, simply on the bottom line will lead to more crime, more stealing like this. Be fair: Pay a living wage. Your employees steal from you for many reasons; but it all starts @ the top. You steal from the American taxpayer with your Wall Street Fraud [too big too fail JP Morgan Chase] & your General Dynamics "merchant of death" MIC war profits. Otherwise, we little people, white black and brown, will be at your door... with pitchforks.-lee mulcahy phd.
Brad Faxton November 12, 2012 at 05:59 PM
What an odd compilation of words. You hardly made any sense.
Willie Wilmette November 14, 2012 at 03:15 AM
The teen reported being chased and tackled by the man, who is being charged with battery. The victim is being charged? He should have waited for the police, instead he tried to detain the perp before the perp could disappear.


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