Celebrate National Library Week in Huntley

“Snapshot of a Day in the Life of a Library” will include an interactive event with photos, interview and more on Wednesday, April 13.

I am excited to celebrate National Library Week 2011. The American Library Association theme this year is “Create your own Story @ your library. During April 10–16,  will invite the library community to participate by writing or drawing why you love the library. On Wednesday, April 13 you can participate in “Snapshot of a Day in the Life of a Library”. Filming, photos and interviews are part of the celebration. “What is your story?” Here is mine.

My First Library Card

I remember the day as a child going for my very first library card. I think I was in first grade. Our closest library was the Edison branch of the Detroit Library three miles from my home in Dearborn Heights. My town at the time did not have it own library. The requirement to have a library card was that you had to be old enough to write your name. I was at the checkout desk doing pretty well until I got to the letter E in my last name. I drew a blank. My mother kept repeating the letter E somehow thinking if I hear the sound I would remember how to form the letter. I finally made it through writing my name. I remember exactly both the struggle and excitement to finally get my very own library card. It is amazing how clear that memory is today. So began my journey as a card carrying member of the learnaholic’s club.

I find accessing knowledge very exciting. I love to teach technology. It began when my daughter was starting school and I was looking for work that did not put her in day care. My employment with a large school district started just as the World Wide Web began to emerge. Learning computers, accessing the internet, teaching search and the whole summer off was a dream job. As a computer specialist, my office was in the school library/media center—the center of information.

Snapshot of My Library Day

The Huntley Library is a shining jewel on Ruth Road. I remember my first sighting of the building in 2003 set back from Huntley-Dundee Road. I was thinking what was that building aglow in lights? If you were around here at that time there wasn’t much of anything else. Eventually I made it over to check it out—a library within walking distance. Great! That was the start of my love for the library.  I utilize the online catalog for new technology books and check out book on CDs when I travel out of state or to the city giving training sessions. I also have a fondness for art books and fashion magazines. I always check the reserved book section as there is usually quite a few books for me. It is not so much that I spend lots of time in the building but it is what I carry out that enriches my life and learning.

You gotta have Friends

That is what the library has too. Friends Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that promotes and fundraises to enhance the library programs. For a mere $10 per year you can be part of the over 200 members who support the Huntley Library by volunteering, assisting in book sales and other fundraising events. Join the Friends next week at Culver’s fundraising Night on Tuesday April 12, from 4-8. National Library Week ends with the Friends book sale on Saturday April 16th.

I want to personally thank the staff at Huntley and the surrounding networked libraries for continuing to do an outstanding job. Your work enriches so many lives in so many ways.

Now what is your story?


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