Huntley on YouTube: Paranormal Activity at "Grease Factory"

This YouTube video catches activity that a paranormal team discovered a few years ago at the abandoned Fencil Fuze Factory, also known as "the Grease Factory."

Editor's note: I ran across this video a few months ago and thought it would be a good one to use for Huntley on YouTube for Halloween. The video was filmed a few years ago but was recently posted again by the Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team. The team, whose website says it is "a self-funded science based group of paranormal investigators who have chosen to study all things paranormal, has other videos on its channel.

I'd heard of these types of stories before and had seen another video, an amateur video by a group of kids who seemed to be on a dare. This video is a lot more professional. To learn more about the factory's history, check out the PDF of a story that ran in Huntley High School's newspaper, The Voice, in 2007.


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