Hurricane Sandy: A Midwest View from Afar

Fatalities have occurred due to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, and damage to property in the storm's path. Check out the photo gallery and videos to see what our east coast counterparts are dealing with, being in the eye of the storm.

New York is thousands of miles from Huntley and here in the midwest, we can only see from afar what being in the middle of Hurricane Sandy is like right now. The powerful storm has bought fatalities and destruction. 

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Sandy is affecting air travel throughout the United States. 

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport has already issued an airport emergency advisory and warned service will be limited due to severe weather in the east.  

As of Monday, 5,000 flights had already been cancelled nationwide, with an unknown number connected to O'Hare. Thousands more were expected to be grounded before mid-week, according to Huffington Post.

To follow the storm in its path, visit the National Weather Service. 

Monday, the City of Ocean City, NJ was under a mandatory evacuation order and a State of Emergency was declared. Here are the first images from high tide in Ocean City.

All access routes off the island are now closed and will remain so during the next several hours.

Residents in Ocean City on Monday were advised to remain indoors as weather conditions continued to deteriorate.

This story and gallery are developing. Check back for captions and more information.


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