Goodwill Shoppers Find Bargains, Treasures

Grand opening of Huntley Goodwill store draws people from all over the area.

Darcey Smith put the green elephant in her cart, not sure exactly what she would do with it.

“It just caught my eye,” the Huntley woman said.

The elephant was $6.99.  She was looking for some new décor in her home and the elephant was an inspiration.

“I’m thinking Old World safari,” Smith said, adding she likes to “dig for treasures.”

There were lots of bargains and treasures found Wednesday at the Goodwill store’s grand opening. The store expected 1,500 people would walk through the doors Wednesday.

Gerry Slims of Huntley was at the store before the doors opened. She went through the aisles, glancing at different items and found a black dress with faux fur that is perfect as a costume for a musical she’s performing. Slim is doing Meet Me in St. Louis in Sun City Huntley next month and the dress was perfect, she said.

The store has clothing, furniture, household supplies, dishes and many more things for sale. Proceeds go toward the Goodwill’s mission to help people find jobs by providing assistance with resumes, financial planning and other skills.

“Our mission is to help people find empowerment in the dignity of work,” Goodwill Northern Illinois President Samuel Schmitz said.

While the Goodwill proceeds fund a good cause, people were out for bargains at the grand opening. The store sent 20 percent coupons to more than 60,000 area homes so the savings was even better.

Lee Li, of Algonquin, pushed a cartful of items for his home. The China native had a few paintings and a ceramic sculpture with peach colored flowers. He picked up the sculpture as he looked for the price tag, which read $3.49.

“It’s beautiful,” he said. “Wow, so cheap. Very good price.”


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