'Project Baby Management:' Algonquin Mom Authors Book on Organization, Planning

Dawn Karlovsky, who has two sets of twins ages five and three, shares her organization and planning techniques in her book “Project (Baby) Management.”

For Dawn Karlovsky, being organized always came naturally.

But after having two sets of twins, now ages five and three, she took organization to the next level. Making checklists, spreadsheets, calendars and planning ahead became a vital part of Karlovsky’s every day routine.

Those around her including teachers, friends, strangers and of course other parents quickly noticed her stellar organization. It was then that she decided to take her organization methods and share them with others through a book she wrote entitled, “Project (Baby) Management.”

“You can enjoy your time with your children so much more if you are just more prepared for the day,” she said. “And this is what the book can help you with.”

The title “Project (Baby) Management” stems from Karlovsky’s business career, where management is key. Karlovsky works part time, while being a mom of four.

“A household is crazy, but its crazy fun,” she said. “And its always easier if you plan the night before.”

Karlovsky has been using organization techniques for her kids for years. It took her about a year and a half to compile all of her tips, and put them in her book. She worked on the book about three to four times a week during that time.

In the book, Karlovsky goes into detail in each chapter about her organization techniques. For example, she took pictures of her children’s closets to show how she organizes and labels everything, along with the tools needed to do it.

In another section, she discusses how to handle taking kids on vacation, or just out of the house in general.

“We take them everywhere,” she said. “Its not like you have to be stuck in the house when you have children. The more you take them out, the more they get used to it, and the more you are both comfortable. You can’t get frazzled and freaked out.”

Also in the book is a section on the importance of giving your kids independence, and also allowing them to be individuals.

“From the time the kids could walk they were helping me with laundry,” she said. “Giving them independence makes them feel good, and we are all working together as a team.”

She dedicates an entire chapter to children with special needs, because her son has a “developmental delay,” she said. In the chapter, one tip she gives is that she makes cards with different people and places on them, and shows them to her son before they go anywhere.

“He needed more visual cues,” Karlovsky said. “I show him the pictures and I say, ‘Here is the doctor we are seeing, and here is where we are going’ so he doesn’t have anxiety about it.”

Other topics in the book include money saving tips, a family technology section and tips on how to teach your kids to eat right.

“We try to make everything fun and an adventure even if it is just going to the grocery store,” Karlovsky said. “It is a bonding time so the kids learn how to get used to other kids and with each other.”

Karlovsky said the communication, especially with your spouse, is another key to having a successfully organized household.

“There were times when we would both feed the dogs and the kids twice because we weren’t organized,” she said. “So that is why we all need to make sure we are organized and together.”

Even though you can be completely organized, having a back up plan is important as well, Karlovsky said.

“You can only plan so much, and that’s why you need a back up,” she said. “You need multiple options for them because it won’t always go as it is planned.

A copy of Karlovsky’s book “Project (Baby) Management” can be purchased on Amazon.com Inc, or on her website.


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