Fall Decorations and Autumn Planters for Front Porches, Yards

Decorating for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving is a growing trend. Here are some decorating ideas found on door steps in Crystal Lake and Algonquin.

Decorative fall planters on door steps and front lawns provide an opportunity for avid gardeners to extend the growing season. 

Trending autumn decorations include stacking two to three pumpkins atop one another in planters - or transforming them into a "Pumpkin Man" (like a snowman).

Another favorite is a pumpkin from Crystal Lake last season, where homeowners sprayed it with black paint and created a vampire pumpkin.

Want to share your fall decoration creation?

E-mail your photo to Stephanie.price@patch.com, and I will add it to this story! Happy Hauntings!

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Kristin Anne October 30, 2012 at 04:17 PM
These are great holiday decorations! I love the use of the fall colors and ornamental grasses to make these spaces autumnal, but still full of "growth" and "life"! I would hang a red or yellow <a href=http://whimsicalwinds.com>wind chime</a> from one of these front porches' overhangs, to add a little element of sound and movement as well!


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