Puppy Bowl IX Returns! More Animal Packed Action

Hedgehog cheerleaders, hamsters flying blimps, Kitty halftime show, and the new Cute Cam add up to an exciting Puppy Bowl.


Here it is: Another Super Bowl without a Chicago team playing in it - or any other NFL team from the Midwest, for that matter.

What's a sports fan to do?

Try switching the television channel over to the Animal Planet to watch what's billed as "The Biggest Event on All Fours!"

That's right.

Those fluffy, cute, ever-entertaining canines are returning for the Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl IX!" The action starts at 2 p.m. (central time) Sunday, Feb. 3, on the Animal Planet channel.

Of course, a new batch of shelter puppies will be providing this year's action.

Never heard of the Puppy Bowl?

First, I say, where have you been? Then, I say: No worries, lots of people haven't - probably because the show is aired on a cable/ dish channel to which a lot of people don't subscribe.

So, let me fill you in on what you're missing.

The ninth annual Puppy Bowl features a loveable lineup "that's itching to play in a winning combination of terrier tackles, touchdowns, puppy penalties, fumbles and Fido first downs," according to Animal Planet.

Fan favorites will once again be featured: the Water Bowl Cam, the slow motion "Cute Cam," hamsters flying in a blimp, the kitten halftime show, "Meep" the Tweeting bird sideline reporter tweeting game updates (follow @MeetTheBird), and the hedgehog cheerleaders.

New this year is the debut of the puppy hot tub, where puppy players can take a break from the action and relax. Also new: puppy penalties and behind the scenes footage.

See you Sunday, Pupppy Fans!


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