Jamie Hunt Inspires Children at Huntley Area Public Library

Hunt spoke about his career at the library as part of the team's "Read to Succeed" program.

Jamie Hunt showed kids Tuesday night that reading will get them far in life. 

Hunt, forward for the Chicago Wolves, spoke at the Huntley Area Public Library for part the "Read to Succeed" program, a program sponsored by the hockey team.

He talked about how he started playing hockey, what his favorite book was and how he had to do a lot of reading for his college degree during a question and answer session at the beginning.

He said his favorite book was Lance Armstrong's first book and that his hockey career started basically when his family put gear on him and started throwing hockey pucks his way. 

After the question session, Hunt picked out a members in the crowd to try on his hockey gear and mentioned how before a game, he needs to drink about ten to 15 glasses of water so he does not dehydrate with all his equipment on.

Ken Kendora, an adult Huntley resident in the crowd, was one of the ones chosen to try on the gear. 

"I'm an avid Chicago Wolves hockey fan and I saw them when they won the four championships," he said.  

Sterling Ledwitch, one of the kids in the crowd, also tried on Hunt's gear. 

"It was fun," he said. 

Anne Ledwitch, his mother and Lake in the Hills resident, said her two older boys love to read, are a part of the "Read to Succeed" program and wanted to come and meet a hockey player. 

"This was a really good program," she said.  "It connects with boys that reading is cool and a skill they need in order to succeed.  I'm fortunate that my boys love to read."

Darcy Chadwick, a Lake in the Hills resident, came with her four-year-old son Jeremy because they are big hockey fans.  After the event, she signed Jeremy up for the "Read to Succeed" program. 

"We did it [Read to Succeed] last year," she said.  "I think it is a great program."

She said anyway to get children to read, especially through an athlete whom they admire, is a wonderful thing.

At the end of the event, prizes such as small hockey sticks, Wolves hats and game tickets were raffled off to members in the crowd.   The crowd was made up of about 20 adults and 18 kids. 

Afterwards, Hunt signed autographs for the audience members. 

"I always enjoy talking and interacting with the kids," he said.  "I had a good time and hopefully we'll be back in the future."


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