Huntley Community Radio Up and Running

Nonprofit community radio station launches its Internet broadcasts and invites public to its studios during Huntley Fall Fest this weekend.


What started as a conversation two years ago about creating a community radio station in Huntley became a reality Thursday when Huntley Community Radio began broadcasting over the web.

“We are a long way from that first conversation,” Jim Carollo said as he stood in the Huntley Community Radio (HCR) studio with Executive Director Allen Pollack. “It feels good.”

HCR had a soft launch last month, doing audio streaming from a temporary location through several providers, Pollack said. Thursday, HCR began streaming from its studio located in a building at Deicke Park. The Huntley Park District leases the space to the nonprofit radio station.

“It should be seamless,” Pollack said.

The station can be heard on HCR's website or at this link.

The HCR studio has been busy this week with volunteers installing more equipment, training and preparing for an open house this weekend.

An open house will be held from 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 30 during Huntley Fall Fest. Pollack said people will be able to come into a studio and record a message that will then be played on the station between its music programming.

Radio talk show hosts _ all volunteers _ will be on hand doing live interviews with Dorothy Litwin, director of development, about their shows. Litwin is working with volunteers to develop shows. The schedule includes:

Saturday, Sept. 29

  • 11:30 a.m.- Paulette Rusk, "Table Talk"
  • 11:30 a.m. Saturday
  • 12 p.m.- Jerry Duncan, host of “Mountain Memories,” a Bluegrass music series
  • 1:30 p.m.- Pam Fender, “People of Interest in Huntley”
  • 2 p.m.- Joe Lewis
  • 2:30 p.m.-Dana Phillips, "Beatles Remembered"
  • 3 p.m.- Huntley Police Sgt. Kevin Hillner, “Huntley Police Beat”

Sunday, Sept. 30

  • 1 p.m.- Ann Knipp, "Schmiggly Stories,” children’s stories

“Our hope is that we draw an audience and they are somewhere curious to know what a broadcast is like,” Pollack said.

HCR plans to roll out programs later and will have a music format for now. Pollack said the station did not want to rush production on any show and wants to make sure HCR is putting quality programming on the air.

Pollack and Carollo both feel launching the station during the Fall Fest weekend will be an advantage and help introduce Huntley residents to HCR.

Anyone who wants to tour the studio can look for Huntley High School students who will be wearing T-shirts with the HCR name. The tour is free.


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